Bathroom Remodel: Take One

For those of you interested in our progress in fixing up the nasty bathroom (see entry from June 22), I'm pleased to say that we finally met with our mortgage company. The great news is that we have a bit of equity, despite having lived in our home for only a few years. The even better news is that now we can actually move forward with our plans for a bathroom rennovation.

SO, we met with a prospective contractor last night to discuss some of our options. Overall, it looks like we'll be able to do quite a bit with the money we have at our disposal. Beyond the obvious cosmetic changes, we'll definitely be ditching the cheap, leaky, plastic "neo-angle" shower we have going on (and likely replacing it with a custom tiled shower). And we'll probably be adding a bit more storage space. It's actually quite exciting to think that we'll be able to transform the room that's been haunting Lo's dreams for a long time now into something with which we'll both be really happy. I have a feeling it will transform our entire attitude toward the house in general. Not to mention the fact that it will add quite a bit of value.

In other news, we're officially closing in on our plans for the 4th of July and subsequent weekend. Despite our initial plans to hang out and take it easy for a number of days, it looks like we're going to be busy little bees. It's getting to the point where we've actually turned DOWN our third offer for a get-together (which makes us very sad!). Amid the many activities on the roster, we'll be replacing the shocks on our car (whee!) and shopping for a new dishwasher to replace our old, leaky one. Not all that mentionable.

That said, not all of our plans are humdrum. For instance, we have a variety of plans with friends and family. For instance, on Saturday, we actually have a "CSA dinner" planned with our friends Steph & Nate (during which we cook with foods we got in our Community Supported Agriculture box). The joy of such a dinner is that it invokes our spontaneous planning abilities, as we often don't know what will be in our CSA box until the day before it arrives. Such a dinner requires quick wit, collaboration, and a keen sense of adventure. This week, we could see vegetables as exciting as broccoli, kohlrabi, and lettuce... I wonder if anything will make the menu over at BURP! ?

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