More Soup... and Schaum Torte?

Did you miss our January Soup Night?
If so, you missed a great time.  We had over twenty people show up to last month's event. The soups were hot and the company was fabulous. And you can read all about it HERE.

Of course, there's no use living in the past.  We'll be having our second SOUP NIGHT gathering this weekend -- Sunday, February 28, 2010.  And we're cooking up another triad of great soups.  We don't normally reveal the soups that we'll be making ahead of time.  But, today I'll give you a hint.  This month we'll be featuring some of the good old classics.  A couple of meaty varieties, and one good old fashioned vegetarian classic.

Soup night runs from 4:30-7:30pm on Sunday night.  Of course, if you're in the mood for a little bit of dessert afterwards, you could always take a trip over to Il Mito Trattoria on 69th and North Avenue.  They'll be featuring our Chocolate Hazelnut Schaum Torte on their dessert menu from Sunday, February 28 through Saturday, March 6.

All of the net proceeds from the sale of our dessert will benefit the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee!     Read all the ooey gooey details on the Burp! blog.


Knitters Versus Crocheters: Which One Am I?

So, I've been contemplating the fiber arts. Knitting. Crocheting. Needlework. After all, it's about time I found myself a hobby to keep me occupied in my old age.
Plus, I've been thinking as I sit, catching up on cooking shows and idly passing the time, that I could really use a more USEFUL hobby.

"But you already cook!" I hear a few of you saying. And I get where you're coming from.  After all, cooking is probably a hobby. And a useful one at that.  But, maybe it's more that I'm feeling a little bit CRAFTY.  I'd like to make some stuff. Useful stuff. Stuff that's not, well... consumable.

I want to make socks (especially socks).
And hats.
And cute little mittens.
Blankets, even. Maybe scarves. And purses... I might like to make a purse.

I want to spend hours poring over the hand-dyed yarn at the farmer's market (it's so very gorgeous -- and just seeing it makes me want to buy it and use it for SOMETHING).  I want to learn something new. Muse about my next project. Gee Whiz, I'd like to CREATE something.

A new friend of mine (R. from over at CakeWalk) has inspired me to check out the classes that are offered at Loop Yarn Shop in Bay View Riverwest.  And I'm excited -- because they offer all sorts of classes, at all sorts of levels. But, I'm finding myself a bit on the uncertain side when it comes to deciding exactly WHAT I should learn.

Most people seem to have some familial connection to their art. They know someone who taught them what they know, and they were inspired to learn from that person -- often from an early age.  By that token, I should be a knitter.  After all, my Grandma Grace taught me to purl when I was 7 years old. And I might still have the turquoise scarf I started with my very first set of knitting needles way back in 1981.  But, the truth of the matter is, that "scarf" only grew to be about 2 feet long before I gave up the art of knitting and took up embroidery (thanks to Grandma Gladys, who loved to sew).  I embroidered for an entire summer before deciding it was silly and I didn't really care about being able to put French knots on pillowcases (they hurt your face) or towels.

The knitters (R. and Jess and probably my dear grandmother, rest her soul) are all convinced I'd LOVE knitting...that circular needles make the whole process easier... that the stitch lies "flatter"... but I'm not sure that I'm a "counter".

The crocheters (my sister, my aunt) have rallied to convince me that crocheting is the way to go... that one needle is easier than two, and that I'll love the versatility of the stitches... but I'm not sure about any of it.

The knitters have cool books (Stitch 'N Bitch, anyone?)
But so do the crocheters (The Happy Hooker... who can resist?)
How to decide??

I can't imagine that this decision is nearly as complicated as I'm making it out to be. Nor can I imagine that choosing the WRONG yarnly hobby would cause anyone irreparable damage. But, I'm not sure I really know the answer. Do I flip a coin?

How did YOU figure out which one you were?  Is there any useful information out there to help a sista out?