The Weekend: in brief

Well, I managed to survive my trek to Chicago -- where I soaked up everything I could possibly ever want to know about recruiting students to graduate programs. I wish I could report that I did some interesting eating while I was there. But, between the seminar and other work-related tasks, I just barely managed to ingest a bit of marginal Mexican food (spinach enchiladas), some unmentionable hummus (from the food court at the MerchMart), and a fairly decent panini (with artichokes).

Peef also survived his evening alone (or not alone, as it were) -- probably having more fun than any of us!

Upon my return, we celebrated with dinner at one of our favorite Milwaukee pizza joints. Pizza Man is always a great place to spend a relaxing evening, and we feasted there on mussels and a spinach artichoke alamode pizza.

The rest of the weekend included:
  1. A trip to Trader Joes for a bit of wine (yay!)
  2. A trip to the farmer's market (even more yay!)
  3. Some CD shopping (our purchases included the new Suzanne Vega, the ONCE soundtrack, Brenda Stahl, and the new Crowded House)
  4. Much playing with our new digital camera (yes, we got one!)
  5. AND Pastitsio! (yum!)

With regard to our new digital camera... that means that, one of these days, we will actually start posting pictures! Aren't you just TOO excited? :)

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Jess said...

It's too bad you didn't get to do more culinary adventures in Chicago, but it sounds like you had a great weekend!