Really Cool Idea -- One Local Summer

So, Pocket Farm has announced One Local Summer. This is an extraordinarily cool idea... so I'm lamenting the fact that I didn't read about it earlier. The concept is to choose one night per week to eat food that is completely local.

Now -- Peef and I have made it one of our goals to eat AS MUCH local food AS POSSIBLE. We are constantly checking packages for information about where a product is made (and therefore how FAR it had to go to get to us). So, this is right up our alley.

Sign up is closed for this year. But I could see this being a really interesting project. We could TOTALLY do this during the summer in Wisconsin (and we've been focusing a great deal lately on buying local and supporting local agriculture) -- so it's something I'll have to keep in mind for future years. On top of all of that, it would give us something to yak about on our BURP! blog (which is always a bonus)!

You can check out what meals look like regionally on the One Local Summer blog.

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