Farmer's Market Frenzy

Many of you probably already know about my addiction to the summer farmer's market. My frazzled temperment, if I happen to miss this Saturday morning ritual, is probably the biggest give-away. The symptoms of withdrawal as the weather dampens and cools are also pretty dramatic.

It's true. There's little doubt about where you will find Peef and Lo on any given Saturday morning between the months of June and November. If we're not wandering the market at Cathedral Square or on the East side in the early morning, we'll surely be found at the market in West Allis during the early afternoon. Or even at the Dane County Farmer's Market in Madison, if we're really lucky.

I wish I could say that my urge to forage at the market stems from a virtuous desire to support local farmers and sustainable agriculture. Because I do think those things are vital. But, I have to confess. My motivation is purely selfish. For me, the real treat of the farmer's market is the sheer FRESHNESS of all of that fantastic produce. It's the inspiration it brings me to move forward into another week of cooking and nourishing those people that I love. I go to the market to bask in the smell of the earth and the energy of the sun. I go there to talk with the people who grow MY food. And befriend the vendors who will then give me sneak peaks into their extra-special stashes.

For me, the market is more about the physical experience than anything. And, if I happen to come home with a load of the freshest corn on the whole block... well, that's just a bonus, ain'it?

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Peef said...

I like the cheese curds.