There are MORE than 25 Songs

Sometimes being married is funny.
Just the other day, I posted my 25 songs I "can't live without," (a.k.a. the first 25 of my favorite/most important for one reason or another) on Facebook. I thought I did a pretty good job capturing songs that had real significance in my life. However, when I got home, Peef informed me that my list was pretty incomplete.

Me: "What was wrong with it?"
Peef: "Your list was alright. You just forgot some pretty major stuff, that's all."

I rolled my eyes, but let him talk.
Me: "Like what?"

Peef: "What about Del Amitri?"
Me: "mmm. Good one. I forgot about them."
Peef: "And how about the Borrowers?"
Me: "missed them too. it was pretty hard to keep it to just 25."

And then Ipod joined in on the harassment by playing "Apart" by the Cure. Yeesh. That song shaped the beginnings of our relationship in college.

Peef: "And you TOTALLY forgot about The Cure. I'm totally offended."

Anyhow -- apparently, my list isn't terribly comprehensive. But, if you ask me, it's a decent start. Enjoy!

25 songs:
(post the artist, song & youtube link)

1. "Being Boring" -- Pet Shop Boys

2. "Untouchable Face" -- Ani DiFranco

3. "Rock Me Amadeus" -- Falco

4. "All This Useless Beauty" -- Elvis Costello

5. "Close But No Cigar" -- Thomas Dolby

7. "Birdhouse in Your Soul" -- They Might Be Giants

8. "Kitchen" -- Lemonheads
Live performance/Evan Dando

9. "All I Want" --- Toad the Wet Sprocket

10. "If Red Were Blue" -- Brenda Kahn
No YouTube, but here are the lyrics:
More on Brenda Kahn:

11. "Wrapped up in Books" -- Belle and Sebastian

12. "You Suck" -- The Murmurs

13. "Rock the Casbah" -- The Clash

14. "The Dream Before" -- Laurie Anderson
Another with no YouTube

15. "Feeling Good" -- Nina Simone

16. "So Much to Say" -- Dave Matthews Band

17. "A Man is in Love" -- The Waterboys

18. "Cat's in the Cradle" -- Johnny Cash

19. "Why Should I Cry for You?" --Sting

20. "You Owe Me Nothing In Return" -- Alanis Morissette

21. "China" -- Tori Amos

22. "Circle" -- Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians

Am trying not to repeat artists -- but if I could pick two, I also love "Love Like We Do":

23. "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" -- U2

24. "You Will Be My Ain True Love" -- Allison Krauss

25. "I Am Eve" - Mediaeval Baebes


Foodie Mascots: The Way of the Future?

William and Mary, known as "The Tribe" since the 1980's, will be changing their school mascot. According to the NCAA, their current feathered logo has to go -- and so they're looking for nominations.

Among the 375 suggestions so far, one suggestion (according to WISN) is an asparagus stalk. Or maybe, as I would suggest, an asparagus "spear."

Could this be a sign of a new foodie mascot trend?

I quote: "The asparagus stalk supporter notes that if served with cheese, the vegetable represents the school colors."

For more information about the mascot search, visit the William & Mary Web site.


The Job Brought Me Home

As most of you know, my last job was probably the most "dream job" I could have ever imagined. However, it's possible that I should have been more aware of the fact that "dream jobs" are just that. When you hear or see something that is too good to be true... ya know?

My new job is a whole new ball of wax. Rather than focusing my energy on selling, I get to really get inside the heads of area business owners to see what makes them tick. They give me information on what works... and what doesn't work. I also spend more of my time attending meetings, events, conferences, and programs than you can imagine.

Yeah, even more than that.
Keep going... keep going...
Yeah, about THAT many... and now add a couple more for good measure.

What I like MOST about this job is that I work Downtown.
When I drive in to work in the morning, the first thing I do is find a spot in the cement jungle. I secure my car in the parking structure, take the elevator down to street level, and that's when it hits me. As I walk the 1/2 block to the office, I catch a whiff of the city.

Most days, it's that wet, fishy smell that reminds you that you're just a few blocks away from Lake Michigan. But, on other days, my nostrils fill with the odor of a freshly fired wood-burning oven that emanates from one of the local eateries. On days like that, I find myself feeling almost nostalgic. My scent memories take over -- and suddenly, I'm pulled back to those cool spring days I spent on my travels to Seattle. The days when I woke up, first thing, and enjoyed my eggs with a side of tender wine-braised octopus. The days when I didn't need coffee to get me going... but, coffee was EVERYWHERE if I wanted it.

As I walk, I realize that there's a lot I love about this city that smells of beer and ale wives. Cuz it's not just beer and ale wives.
My job has opened me up to a new way of looking at Milwaukee. I'm meeting new people. Seeing old places with new eyes. Getting around to all the hidden little spots I'd typically overlook because I've lived here too long. I've become a tourist (of sorts) in my own city. And that's pretty kewl.

So far, that's what the new job is like. It's new. It's good. And it's fun.
It's the best of the past... and the promise of the future. All rolled into one. And it's made me genuinely appreciate this city that I call home.

Srsly. What could be better than that?

My Soul to Keep

This past weekend we buried my uncle. And I found myself getting into that thoughtful mode that occurs when someone close to me has passed on.

The fact is, death make me pensive.
Not sad.
Not morose.

Certainly, there was much to consider. My uncle was well loved by those who knew him. Those who cracked his crusty exterior found him a bit gooey inside -- and anyone who took the time, found him to possess an exceedingly big heart. In addition to being a worthwhile human being, he served his country well in the armed forces. And he had a great faith that saw him through the tragic journey we call life.

We respected his wishes and buried him as he saw fit.
We celebrated a life well-lived, and we cried for the loss of it.
And then, I got to thinking about my own mortality. And what I might want when my time comes... and I pass along into the ether. And I began to wonder if my vision is anything like what people might expect.

Most people who know me realize that I'm a hopeless food geek, so I'm fairly sure everyone would expect me to dream up some stuffy food-filled affair. But the truth is, when I imagine my farewell, I don't imagine anything stuffy.

I want people to eat thoughtless things at my funeral. And I want them to enjoy them -- without care for cholesterol or calories or trans-fats. Let all of that be set aside in favor of celebration.

I want hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough.
And mini cheesecakes made in muffin tins.
And peanut butter right from the jar -- eaten with abandon from teaspoons.
I want chai flavored chocolate.

I want giggling.
I know that you can't keep loved ones from crying (if, indeed, they did love) -- but I want mischievous laughter for all the times we spent creating. And scheming. And frolicking in our silly underpants.

You need not have a viewing. Or a burial.
My cremains can be scattered in some lovely place. Like in the tulip gardens that surrounded that football field in Mt. Vernon, Iowa... remember the one? We picked tulips there at midnight and filled our dorms with their lipstick red.

And the memories?
I want people to remember the whimsy. To pick up that box of collected shells and think about the oceans I dared dip my toes into. To read the dusty books from my library and dream the dreams I once wrote about. The ones I lived. The ones I didn't.

I want everyone to return home with a smirk -- and dare to be more than they imagined possible. To dance. To sing. To write. To remember.

To Live.


I know...

You want to hear all about the new job.'s going really well. More on that in a bit. I just stumbled across something amazing and I thought I should share. This is srsly cool.

You can find the collection here.

I'll be back in a little bit to tell you all about what I have been up to in the past couple of months.