Open Letters

Inspired by Jess over at Floor 22: The Annex.

Here's some open letters that summarize my life/our life lately.
  • Dear Pocketbook: You are more full than you think. After all, life is more than the green we keep. Love, Lo
  • Dear Elmo: Thanks for being a constant reminder of how important independence is. And cleanliness. With Gratitude, Lo
  • Dear Spring: It's time. Honestly, Lo
  • Dear Colleagues: Thanks for all of your support. I wouldn't have expected it, but it's been incredible. Couldn't have gotten through it without you. Seriously, Lo
  • Dear leftover corned beef (which finally ended up in the freezer): It's not because we don't love you. Our life has just taken a lot of unexpected turns when it comes to dinner. We'll revisit you soon. I promise. With sincerity, Lo
  • Dear Prospective Cohort Members: I promise you you won't regret it. Truly, Lo
  • Dear Those People: Please don't make us wait any longer. Desperately, Lo
  • Dear Universe: We're ready for the Good Stuff. Honest. Sincerely, Lo

Unbelievable how much can be expressed in such a small amount of space. Got some of your own to share?


Meet My Hero: Alice Waters

It's about time someone spoke up in the mainstream about the importance of eating real food. And leave it to my hero, Alice Waters, to do the talking.

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It's funny. So much of the "real food" movement seems intuitive to me. It's getting back to our roots. Remembering what our grandparents and great-grandparents ate. Understanding that those things were far superior (nutritionally, environmentally) to the prepared foods we're all too accustomed to eating in this day and age. We're certainly NOT perfect. But, I like the fact that we're trying to get back to basics. And I really do think it makes a difference.

It does make me sad to recognize that so many people feel that eating real food is both time-consuming and expensive. In my experience, it doesn't have to be either of those things. In fact, letting go of the packaged, processed, fake foods is pretty liberating.

My opinion: it's one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our world.

What do you think?

A Farewell: to the last bits of snow in my yard

As the morning sun rises above the neighbor's fence, I bid you well. It was nice of you to cover the ground during the holidays. It sure did make it feel that much more festive. And remember that time when Lo and I came outside and we twirled around as you were landing? Yeah, that was a good time. We collected your flakes on our hands and shared them with each other to see if we could find one that matched. But are too clever with your geometry. You fascinate me and excite me, and I appreciate the moisture you now provide the ground as it wakens from its long winter's slumber.

However, once again I have grown tired of you. I know you may come back yet for an encore performance. But for now, let us depart as friends before I change my mind. After all, you did try to kill me a few months back when you fell from the sky all wet and heavy like. You really did make me quite angry. But I forgive you. I know you were just doing what you needed to do. For being just crystalline water ice, you sure are high maintenance.

with much love and respect,


Here's a nice mashup of the Beatles, LCD Soundsystem and the Kinks. Enjoy!


Bow-chicka-wowow: Getting Busy on the Weekend

Getting started on the weekend a bit early over here. Makin' some Sweet Routan Baby Love. Virtually Foolproof. heh.

Meet the newest Lil Fredrich.

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Peef and Lo at the Car Show

How did we spend our weekend?
Well... we made up some mighty fine fried chicken. AND, we also gawked at kewl cars.

Despite our usually calm dispositions, we go a little bit crazy when surrounded by so many fine automobiles.
Fortunately for us, a little bit of craziness is actually condoned at the car show. And we were happy to see that the experience was intended to be "hands on"...We were delighted with all the cool spaces that we could explore. Like this mini-van that came equipped with sleeping quarters...
... although there were times when we got a bit carried away fondling all the shiny new objects...
We looked at big cars. And little cars. And dumb cars. And...
Smart Cars! We love us a seriously intelligent auto. Perfect for a Sunday drive in the park.
Despite the fact that there were cars EVERYWHERE, we did A LOT of walking...
And maybe a little TOO much waving...
We enjoyed the cool breezes blowing through our hairs...
And the view through the sun roof of a car that we could NEVER afford...
Sometimes, the price tags caused a bit of sticker shock.
Fortunately, there was plenty at the car show that made us HAPPY!!!
... including this great little diddy.What did YOU do this weekend??