Better Late Than...

OK. So, we haven't started off being terribly good bloggers.
After all, we let a major holiday fly right past without even passing comment (happy very late 4th of July, everyone!).

Rest assured, we're working on getting better. Eventually, we'll be posting like crazy. And hopefully, someday, we'll even start getting people to COMMENT on what we write (hint, hint).

We hope you'll be content to know that we had a very nice holiday. We celebrated with the prerequisite grilled foods, and even set off a few (legal) fireworks to mark the day. Our meager time off of work was not nearly enough... and, even after the weekend, we were left with a sort of disappointed feeling in the backs of our throats.

HOWEVER, all of that aside, a few notable things have occurred in the past few days that I feel we should share.

  1. We purchased a new dishwasher. Some of you might know that our old "wishwasher" has been on the fritz. And so, after long last, we put our pennies together and bought a brand new one. Which was supposed to be installed today.
  2. We went to an art fair where I was able to indulge my addiction to ceramic bowls... yes, I have a problem. But, I only spent $26. On THREE bowls. And they're positively fantastic.
  3. We had a phenomenal "CSA dinner" with our friends Steph and Nate on Saturday evening. Yes, it's true. Read about that on our BURP! blog.

Now -- back to the topic of the dishwasher, which I think warrants more space. You know how you work yourself UP TO something? And then, when it happens, it never quite lives up to all the hype?

Yeah, that's kind of how it happened with the dishwasher. We were SO excited to find a pretty great dishwasher. ON SALE. And we got even more excited when we found out that they could schedule us for a delivery and installation right away on Monday (yes, that is today). We could hardly contain ourselves. And so we didn't. We did a happy dance, right there in the department store parking lot. We even went home and cooked up a lovely celebration dinner of grilled pizza (fresh mozzarella, homemade pesto, and tomatoes... YUM!).

So, you can imagine what a state we were in by the time Monday arrived. We were excited. We could hardly sleep. We practically LEAPT out of bed at 5am to work out (OK -- so maybe that's a stretch; but you see what we mean).

I spent my entire morning at work dreaming about the loads of filthy dishes I could clean with that NEW, quiet machine (can you imagine? sheer bliss.). Peef went home on his lunch break to facilitate the delivery and installation process. The worker bees arrived (on schedule) with our dishwasher. They removed our old dishwasher. They surveyed our work on the pipes and water supply lines under the kitchen sink and complimented us our extraordinary plumbing skills (yes, they really did). They prepped everything to move the new dishwasher into place! And. And. And we should have known that everything was going too well.

Thanks to our lovely (new-ish) Durastone flooring, the darned tall-tub wouldn't fit under the sink. We will have to cut away about 2 inches of the new flooring in order to finagle the new wishwasher underneath. Big deal? Nah. We can handle that. However, the installation could not happen today.

We're now the proud new owners of a big cavern in the kitchen. And our pretty, shiny wishwasher is sitting out in the dirty, old garage... where it cannot possibly wash our very dirty dishes.

The UP side (and there always IS an up side) of all of this is that we are THIS close to a new dishwasher. And our time WILL come. We just have to exercise a bit of patience.

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