Weekend Update about bowls -- not bowels

The Stout Floats that Lo talked about on Friday were, um, interesting. Check out the Burp! blog for details.

Saturday turned out to be a great day out in Madison for the Art Fair on the Square. Lo and I frequent art fairs all summer long, and we happen to have a huge attraction to anything resembling pottery. At this point, we have a superb collection of ceramic coffee mugs. There are a few platters and other serving type dishes in the mix as well; but the latest craze for us are tiny bowls. I'm not quite sure what makes Lo so excited about these little dishes, but when she sees one that she really likes and discovers that it isn't ridiculously expensive, she gets all giddy... and then proceeds to persuade me to buy about 4 of them. If you saw her reaction for yourself, I think you, too, would be sucked into buying copious amounts of tiny bowls. The joy she gets out of these little bowls is priceless. I'm thinking there's a credit card commercial in there somewhere...

Anyway...back to the Art Fair on the Square. This art fair is one of our favorites since A.) it is free to get in B.) it's HUGE and C.) how cool is it to walk around a state capital building looking at all things artistic? It seems a popular trend in art fairs these days are lawn ornaments. People can't seem to get enough of iron sculptures -- pounded into the shape of a bird, or a flower, or some other "outdoorsy" design. Then there are the "new" mini gazing balls -- finials made from glass or polished stone on a stick. Along those lines, we've found it to be a fairly dangerous activity just walking through the crowds at an art fair where they're selling these. Too many people carrying pointed objects... it's a fiasco! The things we sacrifice for the sake of art! So, we managed to escape Madison before buying TOO much pottery (and before getting impaled). But, if you look closely, you're sure to find a few more little bowls taking up space in our already crowded cupboards. (It makes her so happy... )

Saturday was also my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

On Sunday, Lo's cousin got married (Congrats Jason and Jamie!). So, we spent the latter half of our day enjoying the festivities. We had a pretty fantastic time; and I was pretty stoked that the reception was held at the Palm Garden connected to my favorite local microbrewery. Lakefront Brewery makes some great beer. If you can't find it at your local store, let me know and I will be sure to bring some Riverwest Stein next time we get together!

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Jess said...

Todd and I really like little bowls too. They're so collectible! I love the idea of having a whole collection of unique, artsy ones (to be used for sauces, condiments, appetizers, etc). My favorite of the ones we have are slightly squarish and bright red.