All by mysaaaa-eeellf

You might think to yourself, "what exactly does Peef do when Lo is the one traveling?" (which is a VERY rare occurance when you compare it to what I'm required to do for MY job). Well...Peef goes out.

It's not because I fear being alone (I can stare at walls for a VERY long time). It's more because I really love music. It's also a convenient way to get out and support my co-workers and their quests to become rock stars. Tonight is a night with Revolush opening for the Melismatics from Minneapolis. Two friends/co-workers of mine play in Revolush.

You know how Lo and I talk a lot about buying organic, or eating natural/local foods? Well we tend to have similar feelings when it comes to music. There isn't a "National" act that can come close to the blood sweat and tears of an original local band. Sure, those mainstream national acts had to go through the blood sweat and tears to get to where they are today...but there is something missing from their acts when they get to a certain level of "accomplishment". This is completely subjective, I realize, but to see a local band do their thing, and do it well, is a great way to spend the night. Plus, if I can find a show during the week that starts at 8 and is done around 10, I just can't pass it up! Long live rock. :)

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