To Minnesota and Back

So... we spent last weekend in Minnesota, visiting Peef's parents. They moved to Belle Plaine, MN in February so that his dad could take a new job at the Lutheran Home there. And they invited us out to visit to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. While we were there, we had a chance to visit online with Paul's brother who is currently living in Antigua. We had a nice visit, and it was great to see everyone.

Ever since we got back on Sunday, it seems we've been on the go! We've been running errands, and cooking (see some of what we've been up to in the kitchen at BURP!), working in the yard, and taking care of all sorts of loose ends.

One of the big time "suckers" has been trying to find the time to arrange a meeting with someone at our credit union to find out about financing options. We're in the process of trying to plan out the rennovation of our upstairs bathroom -- which desparately needs an overhaul. It was a mess when we moved in -- a real "do it yourself" project gone wrong. The shower shows signs of water damage -- so we've never actually USED it. The drywall is taped off so badly that you can see EVERY seam. If the workmanship itself wasn't an issue, the previous owners taste in decorating would definitely be enough to warrant the rennovation. Right now, the bathroom is decorated in peachy pink and green. We are the proud owners of a green faux marble counter top -- and oh-so-lovely Menard's-style cabinetry. If that weren't enough, the room is bedecked with a hideous flowered wallpaper border that screams 1983. So, you get what we're up against. When we start the project, we'll have to find a way to post some photos so that you can see for yourself!

Tonight we're off to celebrate Midsummer's Eve at a friend's house. She's putting together a traditional Swedish groaning board, complete with cucumber salad, salmon, and the like. Oh, yes -- and there will be fresh strawberries and cream for dessert... I'm off to make a dilled potato salad to add to the feasting.


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