Little things.

Not sure if this little "spew" will be meaningful to any of you, but I just have to share.

Some of you know that I'm a quitter.
I dumped my doctoral program in Classics like a bad habit -- way back in 1997 -- and I've been trying to "find my way" in the academic world ever since. I haven't exactly made gigantic strides... I've done some course work, and I have a respectable administrative position in higher ed. But, I've always struggled with the thought that I gave up something BIG.

Today I'm OK with that.
And it's all because someone was kind enough to put some positive energy out there in my breathing space.

I just had the most uplifting conversation with a doctoral student here at the university. He came over to get approval for some prep work for his comprehensive examination, and we got to talking about life, and goals, and how he got where is he is today (grant writing for a very large local school district). I'll spare you all the details; but, by the time he turned to leave, I was filled with the most profound sense of HOPE...

I need to write that boy a thank you note.

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