In Which Lo Shares a Tale About Decomposing Foodstuffs

We try as much as we can to reduce the amount of waste that we produce, so we're big fans of composting our food scraps (of which we have many). Not only is the habit good for the environment, it's VERY good for our gardens (which shriek with delight at the sight of a bucket of the stuff). Because we have a limited amount of space on our city lot, we have two lovely compost bins in our yard, which we purchased a couple of years ago. We maintain a fairly simple system of rotation -- using one bin during the summer months, and the other in the winter -- so that we have a fairly steady supply of black gold for our gardens. This is, as Martha Stewart might say, a very good thing.

Anyhow, before he left for NAMM, Peef took out the compost.
And now, he is my HERO.

Peef normally takes out the compost for me, because he is a very nice boy. It was dark outside, which makes him an even NICER boy (I must confess to an irrational fear of going outside in the yard when it is dark).

The IPOD was playing some lovely song, and I was dancing merrily around in the kitchen, when Peef came stomping back into the house with a look of horror on his face.

"What was IN there?" he exclaimed, as he ran over to the sink and turned on the water to rinse off his hand. "It was stuck on the bottom of the bucket, and I had to reach down in there to get it out... and when I tapped the bucket to get out the last of it... it splashed on my face!!" He looked like he was going to be sick.

Sure enough, I looked into the bucket, and the bottom was coated with the remainders of an ecto-plasmic green slime. Bleh. (Apparently, copious amounts of chopped cilantro decompose exceedingly quickly when given the right conditions at the bottom of the compost bucket...)

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