Don't forget about Soup Night - 1/13

Just a reminder, in case you've forgotten, that the next soup night is a comin' up on Sunday, January 13th. And, as always, we'd be very pleased to see you there!

We've been getting bludgeoned with requests for what soups we'll be serving. Apparently some of you think that you'd like to match your "bring alongs" with the the soup (crazy)!

While I'm not going to reveal exactly what we're planning, I'll give you a hint about each.

  1. Is a comfort food favorite. Creamy and delish. Vegetarian until you add bacon.
  2. Is a new take on an old favorite. With Southwestern flair.
  3. Is it Egyptian? Turkish? You'll have to decide. This vegetarian soup is made to please.

Think you've figured them out? Post your guesses in comments!


Peter said...

I think you should add bacon to every soup.

Lo said...

When in doubt, add more snout?

Peter said...

Hey, sometimes I work!

Tony from Winony said...

I like to think of bacon as a vegetable.....

Anonymous said...

1) Macaroni and cheese soup.
2) Charo
3) I don't know, but I am so confident with the first two that it just doesn't matter!