2008: Year of the Potato?

So, I read today that the year 2008 has been declared the International Year of the Potato by the United Nations. Wikipedia confirmed the news.

I'll have to consider whether or not that warrants any action on our part. Maybe it will prove to offer some inspiration to us (or BURP!)... but, that has yet to be determined.

For now, I'm focusing on the bigger picture. I've never been much for resolutions -- preferring instead to simply spend some quiet time in reflection.

What's important to me this year?
What do I hope that 2008 holds for Peef & Lo?

My personal wishes:
  1. We'll have a few more relaxing weekends than we did in 2007. (Last year, even the snowy winter weekends were crazed. This year, I'm hoping we can get back to having "cooking days," as a start.)
  2. We'll be able to focus on spending more quality time with those we love. (Soup Nights are a good step in the right direction, I think. We'll see if we can expand on that notion...)
  3. We'll live healthier and BE healthier.
  4. We'll pour more of our time and dollars into slow, sustainable foods to nourish our bodies and souls. (I'd really like to join the Wisconsin chapter of Slow Food and participate in some of their events this year)
  5. We'll continue to make good progress in paying off our debt! (This last one has been a goal of ours for 2-3 years now -- and we're making fairly good progress)

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