Weekend Thoughts

It appears that my weekend thoughts have extended into the week. Which might not, necessarily, be a bad thing. But, more likely it's indicative of the fact that I haven't been a very good blogger.

We did have a good weekend. In part, we spent our time coming up with freaky new ideas for BURP! the imaginary restaurant. Always a good time.

We also cooked a bit. Lately, we've been sticking to old standbys, so it's been nothing to blog about. However, if you missed our latest on the BURP! blog regarding our "Sammie Sunday" you've missed the best thing to grace the Fredrich household in a very long time. The sandwich concept started when I decided to thaw one of the extra turkeys I purchased right around Thanksgiving. We plunked it into our very favorite maple brine, and looked forward with great anticipation to the delicious turkey leftovers. We never eat a turkey dinner these days. We just roast up a bird and call the whole thing "leftovers". After all, the leftovers are the best part, right? Anyhow, the sandwich concept developed from there. I'd enjoyed a decadent turkey sandwich at The News Room in Minneapolis the last time we were there -- with brown sugared bacon and pears -- so we used that as our template. The resulting sandwich was beyond fantastic, and will go down in our memories as one of the greatest ever. And the less extravagent little replica sandwiches we've been taking to work all week have been pretty good too.

Mmm. Could be why the weekend is sticking with me.

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