Spring has sprung! Really.

The week is just flying past. It's a busy time for universities, so my work life has been anything but boring. And it seems that our home life has been just as nuts.

Spring has sprung here in Wisconsin, and we've become suddenly overwhelmed with new chores! The lawn needed to be fertilized... and the gardens needed to be purged of all sorts of dead leaves and debris... and we even found that we needed to do a little bit of weeding. We're pleased to report that we're winning the war against the dandelions in our lawn (we took a fairly "organic" approach and started to dig them out by hand two summers ago). This year, we did have to fend off a few seedlings that were trying to invade from the neighbors' yards; but, by and large, we're dandelion free. VICTORY at last!

A very HAPPY side effect of the warm weather is that we have a lovely assortment of tulips out front that are in full bloom.

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Rachel said...

I'm proud of your hand elimination of the dandelions. Such perseverance!