I Have Arrived.

Maybe you remember me? Elmo the Cat?
I used to write a column in the old Peef & Lo newsletter... until they so very rudely took their show online.

I apologise that it's taken me so long to make an appearance. It's been quite a challenge to get sufficient laptop time to actually compose anything of substance. But, after weeks of covering my tracks by "napping" on top of the keyboard, I've finally finished my first Web composition.

It's been a long time since I've written. And, in that time, not much has changed. The kittens that my owners brought home appear to be here to stay. Zoe is not particularly happy, but I have learned to find some joy in their company. I have employed Yoyo, the silly one, as my personal assistant. She keeps me warm during my naps, and keeps my head well-groomed. Izzie is another story. She stalks me at every opportunity, and hovers around me when I eat. She is a smelly, danderish beast, and I would prefer not to have to keep her acquaintance. But, she is generous with giving me bits of her breakfast every now and again, so I can't complain too loudly.

I am still plotting my escape to the Holy Land. And today I hope to put my latest plan into action. I've been feigning an ear infection for almost a month in the hopes of getting my masters to take me to the vet. I am not a big fan of the vet, but it does give me the opportunity to get outside, smell the fresh spring air, and get a good look at the terrain. If I'm very lucky, I'll be able to don a disguise and make my escape sooner than later.

I overheard that we have an appointment today at 10:45am.
Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Elmo, don't tell anyone but I have a secret underground railroad for feline escapees.

I'm just saying...