Found Grocery List #1

Maybe you've heard of found art?
Well, we seem predisposed to finding abandoned grocery lists.
After finding our third grocery list in a matter of weeks, I told Peef that we were going to start blogging about them.

I'm convinced that a grocery list says a great deal about a person. There are all sorts of variables -- the paper it's written on, the language that's used, the abbreviations used, the language chosen to express real, basic needs. Grocery lists are thought-provoking and HIGHLY personal items.

And so, I present the first in an ongoing series...
Found Grocery List #1
Found at: Outpost Natural Foods, abandoned in the meat case (amid the chicken breasts)

Some questions this particular piece raises:
  1. What is Hot Cho? Does it go with waffles?
  2. Who is Teah?
  3. Why does mom need special bacon?
What do you think?


maybe Peter said...

bums? Can you get hobos at the grocery store?

Anonymous said...

no, silly - you get those at HOBO.

Tony from Winony said...

There is actually a book out of found grocery lists - I leafed through it at our local snooty bookstore.

Lo said...

Interesting, Tony - So, is the book just a collection of photos? Or is there commentary?