Tons of Snow? Is it true?

They're talking about record snowfalls this year. Wisconsin is already above the norm for snowfall this year... and it keeps coming down.

It certainly FEELS like we've gotten a ton of snow. I keep finding myself telling people that the amount of snow we've gotten is CRAZY. But, I'll be honest. I know that I have the "gift of gab." It was passed down to me by a few good generations of Irish Washerwomen, and it predisposes me to a bit of... er... exaggerating.

All this talk made me wonder if we just have trouble remembering what winter in Wisconsin is really like. So, I did a google search. Found this (some fun history about snow storms). And this (includes pictures of snow in Milwaukee).

And it turns out we've had a few memorable snowfalls here in Southeastern Wisconsin -- and quite a number of them in my lifetime. Here's a nice little retrospective from the National Weather people. Turns out I remember a couple of the doozies. First, there was the storm in January, 1999 that kept us from travelling to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with Paul's family... Then, there was that little storm that I shoveled while Paul was at NAMM in 2005...

Exaggerating. Exsmaggerating...

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Jess said...

Wow! You do have the gift of gab :) -- but Wisconsin sure is snowy! We got about another 8 inches here today. Goodness!