It snowed. So, we hauled out the grill.

What could be better when there is 16 inches of snow on the ground than haul out the grill and make burgers?

That's what we said on Friday night!

We ran out to the grocery store to get some bread, meat, and some sweet potatoes (to make fries). Steph came over with a couple of bottles of wine. We poured our glasses, and we headed outside to load the grill with charcoal.
The fire took a bit longer than average to get started. But, once it was blazing, I can't begin to describe how lovely we found the smoky smell that emanated from our little grill. Despite the cold, despite the flurries that threatened to douse the fire, despite everything... the experience was reminiscent of summer.

And those burgers... well, they tasted simply fabulous.

If you've never hauled the grill out in early February after a good snow storm, I'd highly recommend it.

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Jess said...

Looks fabulous! I bet it was a blast. I love sweet potato fries!