Greetings from the Blustery North

It's true. We're getting blasted with snow. Quite seriously this time (none of this 4-6" business for us, no sirree). The University even called things off, so Lo got a real snow day, which almost never happens (universities like to lure their employees to work and then send them home right in the middle of the biggest snowstorm ever -- so calling things off in good time is a welcome relief).

It's the sort of day when you just want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and while the day away reading some fantastic novel... but which really ends up to be more like the sort of day when you tromp outside every 3 hours or so to shovel, just so that you don't have to break your back trying to get rid of 12" all at once.

It's also a good day to download fun pictures off of the digital camera. What better to cheer you than kids and cats? (OK -- one kid, and four cats)

EXHIBIT A: Our niece, "O," at her birthday party (last Sunday). Looking Oh-So-Fashionable.

EXHIBIT B: Zoe, being a freak.

EXHIBIT C: Yoyo, folding her hands.

EXHIBIT D: Izzie Mae, lurking around the corner (as she is prone to do).

EXHIBIT E: Elmo, sucking the last of the warmth out of the heating vent.


Jess said...

Hope that there's more novel reading than snow shoveling on this snowy day. The cats are great!

Lo said...

Well, we certainly did our share of shoveling. We got somewhere between 12-16 inches of snow... so it actually resembled work.

That said -- we also had a great snow day! I made brownies, which we ended up to be too tired to eat... so they'll be a treat for tonight!