Who's Winning? Soup Night Votes Update

Votes for "virtual chilis" are streaming in... and a strong lead is developing.

The winning chili will appear at our last 2008 Soup Night on April 6, 2008, joining two other favorites: Creamy Potato and Broccoli & Red Pepper Chowder.

So, if you have any strong feelings about the matter, don't forget to email your favorite to peefandlo @ We'll be posting the results on Friday!

The contenders:
  1. Buffalo chicken chili - a "game day" favorite with ground chicken, celery, and a tangy, spicy buffalo sauce
  2. Cowboy chili - a delectable stew of cubed pork shoulder, black-eyed peas, smoky bacon, red peppers and chipotle pepper
  3. Veg-head chili - a vegetarian delight featuring three beans (white, black, & red), butternut squash, carrots, peppers, and corn in a rich, spicy tomato base

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