Snowed in.

More news!
Both Peef and Lo are the proud owners of a VERY white urban landscape, and VERY sore backs.

Yes, we're getting our first dose of winter here in Wisconsin. And it hasn't been pretty. Rather, it HAS been quite lovely -- but it has also been messy. And somewhat treacherous. It also means that we're spending all of our perfectly good blogging time shoveling ourselves out!

I'm sure all of you are wondering how our Bowling, beers, babes, the Boy, and BBQ (BBBBB) event came out... and we apologise for not logging on over the weekend to give you the scoop. We actually have lots of fun photos to share... just as soon as we can upload them from our camera (this is Peef's job -- so we'll let him handle that part).

The fact of the matter is, we had a fabulous time. The babes were babes, and the Boy was ... well, a boy!

We ended up dining at Palomino in Bay View -- which, if any of you are familiar, features all sorts of delicacies (many of them VEGAN)! In keeping with the BBQ theme, Lo sampled the vegan riblets sandwich, and Michelle sampled their barbequed seitan sammich, which she declared to be quite tasty (for wheat meat). Rebecca and Peef departed from the theme a bit by ordering burgers. But, we forgave them that iniquity because they partook in the delicous platter of "Tofulo wings" -- fried tofu slathered in painfully spicy sauce. Oh, yes -- and everyone enjoyed a beer or two (most of us had at least one glass of Great Lakes Nasferatu... a lovely, seasonal, American Strong Ale that we look forward to the whole year through. Palomino just HAPPENS to have it on tap.

After dinner, we headed on over to the bowling alley, where we tackled a few games. There were a few strikes, quite a number of spares, and a great deal of celebrating when we broke a score above "100". No, we're not professional bowlers. But, we sure do have a lot of fun.

The event was the PERFECT antidote for a less than perfect week. And what more can you ask of a BBBBB event?

Now -- if you'll pardon us, it's back to our regularly scheduled shoveling.

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