Dichotomies on a bad day

I am not having a very lovely day, so I've decided it would be a good exercise to blog for a bit. I've read all the stories about employees who have been fired for blogging ABOUT work. So, I'd like to make it very clear that this has NOTHING to do with my job.

LOVELY: the view from my window (complete with be-twigged trees, berry-strewn bushes, and what remains of the green autumn grass)
REPUGNANT: the filth on the glass that makes everything look just a bit too dingy

OK, wait... it sucks to END every thought with the negative. Let's flip this on end.

REPUGNANT: the robotic impulse
LOVELY: the human element

REPUGNANT: the same old schtick
LOVELY: a new day

REPUGNANT: the fact that I am not content with my current circumstances
LOVELY: the freedom to make new choices

REPUGNANT: wallowing in the mire
LOVELY: turning everything upside-down

VERY LOVELY: Tomorrow night's BBBBB activity: Bowling, beers, babes, the Boy, and BBQ!! (a BBBBB always seems to rectify a bad week so very nicely)

1 comment:

Jess said...

I think it's a notable thing to realize when you're not content with your current circumstances. Have fun with the turning upside-down of things.

Oooo, and have fun at BBBBB! That sounds perfectly divine.