Well -- almost every school in the Milwaukee area has called off classes for today. Apparently the university where I work doesn't BELIEVE in calling snow days during exam week (and maybe I don't blame them). But, judging from the picturesque scene outside of my office window, today IS a snow day through and through.

This weather pattern will make headlines as the ice storm that's wrapping its way across the Midwest. Power lines are down in Oklahoma. Missouri has declared a state of emergency. And... it's winter as usual here in Wisconsin.

I'm hoping we DON'T get the ice that is predicted for later on this afternoon. I don't mind snow. But, I can't abide the thought of driving around in the ice.

In any case, I'm considering the possibility of taking a snow day. Right about now, I'd be happy to head home, pour myself a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the scenery from inside.

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