the not-so-cheery cherry weekend

Some of you have received sweet holiday treats from the Peef and Lo household. If that's the case, you are probably aware that December is Chocolate Covered Cherry Season! This past weekend was ear-marked on our calendar, and the plan was to devote our time to making these highly sought-after treats.
As life would often have it, the weekend did not end up quite as planned...

Saturday morning...I got busy chopping 12 pounds of chocolate, while Lo geared up the mixer to whip up batches and batches of fondant. We'd just finished luring the cherries from their brandy-soaking spa, patted them dry, and prepped them for their fondant wrap and chocolate dip. Everything was going as planned. And then 11 o'clock happened.

Lo decided that, while the fondant firmed up in the fridge, we should put together a list of all the lucky recipients who would be receiving holiday tins of cherries. Great idea, right? Well, as she was sitting in front of the computer compiling the list, she kept pausing, complaining that she wasn't able to focus her eyes properly because there were spots on the screen. I figured that the sunlight was shining too brightly through the window, so I closed the shade to help reduce the glare. Unfortunately, that didn't do the trick.

Instead, the worstest thing ever happened. Lo's right arm started to get tingly. This is NEVER a good sign for Lo. You see, a tingly right arm usually means that she is getting a migraine. And what a migraine it was! Lo ended up lying flat on her back on the couch for the remainder of the day. No cherry dipping for her!

Sunday, Lo was still hurting; but, she was a trooper and finished what we had started. We started at about 10am, and by about 7:30pm Sunday night, all the cherries had been finished. Peef's chocolate melting hands were sore, and Lo's dipping skills were spent. It was quite the weekend!

So, as you take a bite into those little booze-alicious sweets, say a little *thanks* to the girl that fought the pain to get those into your hands this year. She really is pretty fantastic, that Lo!

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