Enjoying our vacation... in the snow.

Holiday greetings to all of you!
Sorry we've been out of touch -- but we've been enjoying a very lovely vacation together.

First, we celebrated the holidays with each of our families (Paul's fam on the 23rd, and mine on the 24th). Then, we had a crew at our house for a prime rib dinner on Christmas Day (yeah, yum)... with Frozen Grand Marnier torte for dessert.

We must confess that we ventured out and did a bit of shopping on "Boxing Day"... No, we didn't go boxing, as you might expect, though that might most aptly describe our approach to dealing with the crowds during the early part of the day. We did get some good deals (mostly on Christmas for NEXT year), so we can't complain too much.

Now that all the excitement is over, we're lying back in our comfy clothes and enjoying some good old fashioned R&R. At the moment, it's snowing like CRAZY outside. So, we've got a bit of that snuggly "snowed in" feeling going on.

Here's a shot of what our yard looks like out there right now:

We're trying not to think about the fact that we'll have to head on outside later on today to shovel up all that beautiful white stuff.

Lo's making her famous lazy day chicken & dumplings for dinner tonight. So, earlier today, we roasted a chicken. And now there's a pot of chicken stock brewing on the stove. Smells delish.

We're debating whether or not it will ever be necessary to leave the house again.

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