A Too Lovely Weekend

On a very HAPPY note, we had the most WONDERFUL weekend with our friends.

The Crowded House concert on Friday night was just lovely (even the bands opener, 16 Frames, was pretty phenomenal). Even better, it was preceded by a fantastic dinner at one of our favorite little spots, the Roots Cellar.

Saturday turned out to be pretty rainy, so that nixed any concepts we had for outdoor activities. But we did manage to make a pilgrimage to Kopps Custard for lunch -- where we gorged ourselves on burgers, fries, and chocolate truffel custard (or, in some cases, turtle sundae). The Lakefront Brewery Tour was SOLD OUT (which bummed us out a bit); but we made our way over to the Domes where we scoped out the tropical forest and the arid desert-scapes. It was kind of a geriatric-feeling thing to do; but we all had a really great time.

In the evening, we retired back to our house, where we had a nice dinner of eggplant lasagnette, salad, garlic bread, and blueberry buckle for dessert. There was much visiting and drinking of wine. And everyone made their way to bed quite late (but hopefully very satiated).

We finished off the weekend with a lovely brunch at Trocadero, where we were charmed by the "breakfast burger" and "Mrs. Crock" among other delights -- and then, in the early afternoon, we said our (very reluctant) goodbyes.

And so we conclude: there is NOTHING like a great weekend with good friends.

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