Getting Ready for Grill Fest

It's Labor Day Weekend, which means Peef and Lo are prepping for the 3rd annual Grill Fest.

What's Grill Fest?
Well, it's a concept that evolved from our desire to bid farewell to summer by feasting on all that's best about the season.

There are no real hard-and-fast rules for the Fest -- except that Lo must make her famous "Tormented Eggplant" and Steph must bring her delectable goat cheese stuffed tomatoes. The veg must be as fresh as possible (and preferably local). And, oh, yes -- the bulk of the items must be "grillable"

This is a much anticipated event around our house -- and this year, we can't wait! Saturday morning will begin with an early trip to the farmer's market, where we'll scout out the most perfect eggplants and freshest ears of corn. The day will culminate in much cooking and prepping (this year the prep work will include putting together another famous treat -- coconut lime sours, an addictive dessert must grace our picnic table AT LEAST once every summer). There will also be a bit of cleaning. And possibly a bit of pre-Grill Fest reveling.

But, the real fun will begin on Sunday, when there will be much rejoicing, and grilling, and feasting. And, by the eve, we will all collapse in a state of Very Satisfied Bliss. Or at least that's the goal.

So, what are y'all up to this weekend?

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