New Wheels

So, the big news is that Peef and Lo have a new car!

After some ado about our crunched up Rodeo, we brought home a sweet baby Chevy last night.

Yes -- we ended up going with a 2006 Equinox in "galaxy silver." While this wasn't our first pick for exterior colors, we did manage to score a pretty good deal in other respects.

The vehicle to the left is a good relative facsimile -- although we did NOT opt for the sun roof (Lest you scoff, Lo suffers from a bit of a light sensitivity, so she is not sun-roof friendly).
The fact of the matter is, our new little car is a nice little purchase. It has lots of passenger space (impressive leg room, even in the back seats), enough cargo space that we can haul around things like DIRT and Christmas trees, and a bit of fuel economy (though we wouldn't delude you into thinking that was a main selling point).

Peef is excited that the car is XM-ready. And Lo is happy to say that she finally was able to afford a car with leather interior (and a handy storage space between the front seats for her purse!).

Although we pride ourselves on the fact that we can get by with only one car, I have to admit that being without a vehicle during the past week and a half has been... interesting. So, needless to say, the both of us are happy to be mobile once again!

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