Behold! Athenian Green!

Having spent our entire weekend "prettifying" our hallway (and subsequently learning to upload photos) , we thought we'd share some photographs of the effort.
First, we're pleased to reveal the stunning WHITENESS of our hallway. This is BEFORE we started painting.

Everything in the hallway was white (and we mean EVERYTHING)... including the hardware on all of our cupboards, which we removed.
We armed ourselves with cans of Athenian Green paint (OK, one can. it's a small hallway).

About twenty four hours later, the hallway was beginning to transform.

Another twenty-four hours later, even the TRIM was painted (thank the Good Lord!).
We're still waiting for our new hardware to arrive (according to UPS, it should be delivered on Friday). So, the cupboard doors will have to wait. But we're quite enjoying the benefits of that little spot of color.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I love the color! It's beautiful.

Looks like you have a home from the days when they added nice touches like rounded doorways.