A Surprise in Our Salad

You probably remember Cracker Jack from the days of yore. That prize in the box was a thing of beauty -- and always brought a smile to your face.

Well, the other night, we got a prize of our own. No, not from a box of Cracker Jack. From a bag of salad greens.

The little guy was no bigger than the eraser end of a pencil. And he fit right in among those arugula leaves. Except that his thorny little back-side pricked me RIGHT in the hand when I reached down into the bag to pull out a pile of greenery to adorn my lovely sandwich.

Yes, I jumped.
And yes, I have suffered some trauma. I now have a tinge of trepidation upon approaching random bags of salad greens.

Needless to say, we had to take a picture before we released the little guy out into the yard.

Any idea what he is? (blogger did NOT like posting a photo to this posting for some reason -- so check him out above).

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