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We were tagged by Rachel over at The Essential Rhubarb Pie.

Last Movie I Saw In A Movie Theater?
We don't go to many movies. But, we did manage to see Juno in the theatre... two, three months ago?

2. What Book Are You Reading?
The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea

3. Favorite Board Game?
Trivial Pursuit wins by a long shot. But, I also like Scrabble.

4. Favorite Magazine?
Food and Wine, Bon Appetit. Body and Soul

5. Favorite Smells?
Lilacs, garlic and onions sauteeing, impending rain, freshly mown grass, chai tea...

6. Favorite Sounds?
Rushing water, silence, birds chirping first thing in the morning, a bit of thunder in the distance

7. Worst Feeling In The World?
Forgetting something important, being late, putting on a pair of pants and finding that it doesn't fit!

8. First Thing You Think of When You Wake?
Morning... already??!!!

9. Favorite Fast Food Place?
OK, this is a tough one. First -- we don't eat much fast food. Secondly -- I'm not sure I'd consider it my favorite. OK, I do like MD's french fries...

10. Future Child's Name?
We like two names -- Emma and Phineas. Of course, now that they're public, I'm not sure we can actually go through with using them.

11. Finish This Statement—“If I Had a Lot of Money, I'd...
... purchase loads of pottery and take more trips abroad. Ireland and Greece come to mind.

12. Do You Drive Fast?
Yes, but not crazy fast.

13. Do You Sleep With a Stuffed Animal?
No, but I occasionally wake up with a cat on my head!

No.14. Storms—Cool or Scary?
Very cool -- that's what I've always though. Although the amount of rain we've had this season has really made me think twice about that answer.

15. What Was Your First Car?
1983 Monte Carlo

16. Favorite Drink?
On the mild side, I'll always vote for water or iced tea. Coffee if it's cold out. On the other hand, if you're talking alcoholic, I like a good red wine, a gin & tonic, a margarita, or a cuban sidecar. I'm also fond of beer.

17. Finish This Statement—“If I Had the Time, I Would…
... go back to school to get a culinary degree (in addition to my more practical English master's degree)... take up crocheting... bake more bread.

18. Do You Eat the Stems on Broccoli?
Absolutely. As long as they're tender.

19. If You could Dye your Hair Any Other Color, What Would It Be?
Have dyed my hair "any other color" -- usually that means red. But, I'm back to blonde these days... and liking it.

20. Name All the Different Cities In Which You Have Lived
Milwaukee, WI
Kewaskum, WI
Germantown, WI
Green Bay, WI
Iowa City, IA

21. Favorite Sport to Watch?
I don't really enjoy watching other people play sports. But, I'll make exception for the Olympics, which somehow seem more appealing.

22. One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You
Rachel is a great storyteller, and I really enjoy her blog.

23. What’s Under Your Bed?
A bin filled with my pj's. And probably a good deal of cat hair.

24. Would You Like to Be Born As Yourself Again?
Sure. I'll try anything twice.

25. Morning Person or Night Owl?
Night person. But, I REALLY love the early morning -- if someone pries me out of bed.

26. Over Easy or Sunny Side Up?
I think I just learned the difference this morning. I'm fine with either -- as long as the white of the egg gets cooked, and the egg is still runny.

27. Favorite Place to Relax?
In the kitchen. Up north.

28. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
I am a huge fan of Haagen Daz coffee icecream. But, I'll also flip for anything from Kopp's custard (OK, that's custard... but close enough??)

29. Of All the People You Have Tagged, Who Is the Most Likely to Respond First?
No clue. But, I'm thinking that Jess is pretty good at "meming" ;)

I'm going to tag:
Jess at Floor 22
Amanda from Daily Diner
Cindy from Hungry Girl por Vida
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