Independence Day Weekend

You would not believe what an "All American" weekend we had!

Essentially, we accomplished three things:
  1. We grilled out for the 4th of July (and ate fantastic cupcakes).
  2. We sanded and primed our garage.
  3. We went to a baseball game (Brewers vs. Pirates)
First, you've got to witness the amazing garage transformation.
Remember this?
Well, after 12 more hours of hard labor (lots of sanding and then a nice coat of primer), it now it looks more like this:
There's still more work ahead (we don't have it painted yet). But, I'm sure you'll agree that it has undergone a pretty dramatic transformation. And that's fortunate... because we're starting to wonder why we didn't just rip it down!!

Fortunately, our time at the ballpark on Sunday was a LOT more fun. First, we tailgated (such a good time, and really a prerequisite to baseball gamedom here in Milwaukee). Here you see our set-up. And M. washing her hands after unwrapping the burgers we brought.
Our feast included buffalo burgers, buffalo hotdogs (affectionately referred to as "wennies") and mom's homemade baked/grilled beans. Oh, yes -- and beer, of course.
After eating and drinking our fill, we headed on into the stadium.It turned out to be a great game, with plenty of action and quite the crowd (over 42,000 turned out for this game).
And you can't beat the Weiner Races! (Incidentally, the Italian Sausage won)

What a great weekend.
We both need a nap!!

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