Everything in Sight is Blooming

It's a happy sight to walk out the door and see so many flowers blooming. The other day, when I stepped out in the yard, I was greeted by a rainbow of color. So, I thought I'd share.

First, the double petunias.
Then, the black velvet nasturtium.
The grape colored day lilies are in full swing...
And you can almost see the dwarf coneflower blossoms multiplying as you watch.
A bit of flaming fuschia bergamot is peeking out from behind the Italian parsley in the herb garden.
And a pink "wave" petunia has found its way in between the leaves of the sage.
These are "tiny tunias" that we have planted in one of our hanging baskets. They're about 1/3 of the size of a regular petunia, and a flood of blooms cascades over the side of the pot.
Not far off, there are more daylilies.
And one of my favorites -- the pompom shaped poppies that reseed themselves in my back flower bed every year, wild as can be.

It might be time to create a bouquet. What do you think??


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Still enjoying the flowers Peef brought over a couple of weeks ago! Thanks! jo

Lo said...

Wow, Jen - That's impressive! Glad you're enjoying!