I Never Harmed an Onion

Lo and I recently received the first disc from The Muppet Show Season 1 through Netflix. This forgotten gem comes from the 5th episode. Enjoy!

Favorite line:
Once I saw a salad dressing.
My face got radish, my oh my.


Rachel said...

Your coolest factor just went sky high by watching the Muppets. Says me.

Lo said...

LOVE the muppets.
I'm not sure that makes us any cooler. But, we will produce no apologies for our muppet-watching behaviors.

Erin said...

Hey that's pretty great. When did I last see the Muppets? Ah, yes. "The Muppet Babies," wherein baby Kermit, Miss Piggy & travel to the center of the earth, Gonzo's feelings get hurt, and whose nanny was body-less before Neighbor Wilson of "Tool Time" ever was.

Thanks for the good times a-la You Tube. It's pretty awesome for funnies.