Peef and Lo Love Cake!

One thing we learned this weekend is that we REALLY love cake. We love baking cakes. We love decorating cakes. And we especially love eating cake.

Late on Friday, we decided to make a cake for Brandon's birthday party on Saturday.
It started off innocently enough.
  1. First we mixed up the basics.
  2. Then we added chocolate.
  3. Finally, we poured the cake into our prepared pan.

Then, we decided to make it a three-layer chocolate butter cake with mint cookies & cream filling & buttercream frosting (made with Italian meringue).

And that's when the fun began.

This is how much butter it took to make the fabulous, fluffy buttercream frosting (eep!):

When the cake was assembled and filled, we decorated it using little candy diamonds from the cake decorating store.

Paul even separated them by color to make the process easier.

The cake was so very delicious with a scoop of homemade vanilla bean icecream:



Jess said...

WOW! Fabulous cake!

Anonymous said...

Looks divine! jo

Anonymous said...

Just thinking I should hire you to make Lily's 3 yr old b-day cake! LOL! I have kind of gotten out of the "cake making" thing! jo

Anonymous said...

Can I book you to make Dad a birthday cake for his 60th birthday in July? Mom