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The drive home from Minneapolis turned out to be a rather treacherous adventure. With record snowfalls predicted, we drove as far as Wisconsin Dells on Thursday night before the snow started to fall (and we stopped for a lovely dinner on the way, which you can read about on the BURP! blog). Turns out that our initial precautions weren't quite enough; the remainder of the drive home was a serious nail-biter, and it took nearly four hours for us to get home (normally, it's about a 2 hour trek, or so). But, here we are -- safe and sound.

We left the Dells around 8:30am yesterday, and got home around 12:30pm. The snow totals were impressive, even then. But, they've gotten even better in the meantime. Good Friday services were cancelled at church. Roads became impassable. All the progress we'd made toward spring (and melting off that big February storm) has now been officially lost.

This morning, we awoke to a wopping 12 inches of total accumulation. Enough to break records. Not only did we break a record for March 22 snow totals, but we've now officially experienced the SECOND snowiest winter on record. Before yesterday, we were in fifth place.

Here are the official stats, as reported by the weather service:
1885-1886: 109.8 inches
2007-2008: 96 inches
1897-1898: 94.2 inches
1959-1960: 93.3 inches

And here we are, this morning, all "dug out." I'm disappointed to report that we don't have the cool "snow art" on our roof that the February storm brought (despite the fact that this storm actually dumped more snow. But, you'll note that the snow is already beginning to melt in this picture. That IS the one nice thing about a March snowstorm; the snow it leaves behind doesn't usually last very long at all.

Read more about "Real March Madness" at JSONLINE.


E. John said...

I am glad to hear that you made it home safely. That winter of yours sounds like a "fun" one. We think of you often, especially when we think the pool is too cold to go swimming in! We are looking forward to visiting you this summer - when all the snow is gone... Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back too! John, John, John...if only we all had the troubles you have of too cold of water for the pool! :-) Of course I am happy to not have the HUGE bugs and insects that you have! So maybe it is an ok trade...maybe...I am still sticking to the "no mosquitos" motto! And happy about that at worries of West Nile virus either right now! :-) Your sis! Jen