On the Road

If you're wondering why we've been a bit silent on the blog this week, it's because the Peef and Lo Show has been on the road! Peef is on business; but, I'm just here enjoying the view.

Right now, we're hanging out in Minneapolis.
The weather has been fantabulous (sunny, in the 40's... perfect Midwestern spring weather). Looks like things are taking a turn this evening, though. So, we're going to get a head start on our trek home just as soon as we can.

But, that's getting ahead of myself. We've had a great week!
It started with our super Irish dinner on Monday night. We gathered with some of our favorite people around the blarney stone (this is a plant-filled rock that we bought a couple of years ago to enhance our annual St. Patrick's Day feasting), swilled green beer and feasted on corned beef, cabbage gratin, carrots, and smashed garlic potatoes. 'Twas a delight.

We left for Minneapolis on Tuesday. We took our time getting here, and were pretty tired on arrival. So, we checked into our hotel and had dinner at one of our favorite spots nearby, the Newsroom. Paul enjoyed a southwestern chicken flatbread pizza with a side of grilled asparagus, and I had salmon with caper sauce, sauteed vegetables, and roasted fingerling potatoes. We capped the night off with a bit of Irish coffee (might as well continue the St. Pat's celebration, right?).

Last night, after Paul finished his business for the day, we took a ride southward and enjoyed a fantastic dinner with Paul's parents, who live about 45 minutes from the Cities. It was great to see them, and we had a nice time chatting and catching up.

Today... looks busy. Meetings with Target & Best Buy will dopple the day. And I might just get a short fix at the (*gasp*) Mall of America while I'm waiting for him to finish up. Why not, right?

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