Lies. All Lies.

So, we didn't drink our way through the vice-presidential debate. Or even the last presidential debate.
Although I think we're both getting to the point where we can't wait for November 4th to arrive. And be gone.

While waiting, we're trying to enjoy ourselves.
  1. We spent the weekend in Dallas, WI... where we partook in their annual Oktoberfest celebration... a small town affair with feasting, Viking combat, and a whorl of other funny, kitschy delights). Eating photos HERE. Other errata to come.
  2. I've been reading lots of early American literature. And a really great book about early American novels by Cathy Davidson (Revolution & the Word). Yeah -- I'm geeking out. Bigtime.
  3. Peef has been traveling again. This week he was in Seattle. Ate at a fine little gastropub called SPUR. Very kewl.
  4. Speaking of spurs. Did I ever tell you that I want to start a bluegrass band called the Pink Spurs? (yeah... another one of those far-fetched dream things)
  5. This weekend we are planning to finally paint our garage! (yes, the self-same garage that we SCRAPED back in June and primed over the 4th of July weekend). The weather looks positively fabulous (70's, partly sunny). So, we're stoked. Really. Stoked.

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Jess said...

I'm with you guys...can't wait until November FIFTH. I'm just anxious about the whole thing.

But it sounds like you've been doing a good job of enjoying yourselves!