A Good Birthday -- So far!

I never know what it's going to feel like... turning another year older.

Somehow, I always expect that something dramatic is going to happen. But, it never really does. And maybe that's OK with me. Especially since I'm generally pretty happy with my life.

Some of you know that we celebrate Birthday Week at our house -- because one day is never enough celebrating. So far, birthday week has been pretty wonderful.
  • Lo had lunch with her Mom, Keri, and Reagan on Wednesday. And they spent a nice afternoon tromping around Costco and visiting.
  • We had dinner at Maxie's with Peef's parents (Lo got to eat gumbo and derby pie, and peef indulged in a really fantastic barbequed beef brisket and a fantastic arugula salad that we created over at Burp!)
  • We had dinner at Cafe Sourette in West Bend, WI (Lo had a pretty good orange ginger duck and a delightful chocolate raspberry cake, while Peef ate flat iron steak... are you seeing a pattern here?)
  • Lo took a few days off of work -- for lots of lazing about!
But, the birthday week won't be complete until we get a few more lovely activities in:
  • Lo will get her wish for birthday sushi on Friday night (can't wait!)
  • We're planning on our annual trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch this weekend, if the weather holds out. And then, I'm thinking there might be some baking in the cards!
  • Hopefully, we'll be getting together with Steph -- either for a birthday cooking extravaganza, or else a night out (Lo is hoping for La Merenda or Meritage).

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