OK, Pumpkin Picking Might be Better!

OK -- maybe there's something that trumps apple picking... Pumpkin picking! This is another one of our October traditions. And it can be a load of fun.

First, you've got to find a farm that grows pumpkins.
Then, you pull up the car and start perusing the wares.
We like to frolick in the pumpkin fields for a while.
But, then we begin our search for the perfect pumpkins.
We like pumpkins with very cool stems.
Especially little stripey pumpkins that are still attached to the vine!Yay for little stripey viney pumpkins!
Sometimes, the pumpkins we find do not meet our approval.
But, sometimes they make us very, very, happy!
There are some pumpkins that you just can't help hugging.
And other pumpkins that deserve to be held up high above the rest.
I think we've finally settled upon a few to take home.
The End.


Rachel said...

It's nice seeing you guys. For a LONG time I wondered if you thought the camera would steal your soul.

Pumpkin patch visits seem to be more fun that I have imagined.

smörgåsbroad said...

Cute! You guys look like you have a lot of fun in life. I wish pumpkins were as easy to find in Norway as they are back home in the states...sniff sniff! (Homesick.)

Lo said...

Rachel -
No, we're not scared of the camera... but, it's amazing how often we forget to take pictures of ourselves!!

Danielle - :) Thanks -- we try!
I'll trade you a pumpkin or two for some lovely seafood!!