More From the Pig Roast

You can get the food end of the Pig Roast we attended at Pinehold Gardens this past weekend over at BURP! But, here's some additional photos that tell a little bit more of the story.

After all, there were free range chickens!
And a muddy little swine...
Who lived in a hut...
... that turned out to be a happy little OINK! hut...
And there were artistic scenes that revealed themselves in black & white...
...succulent grapes on the vine, so ripe that they filled the air with their sticky-sweet fragrance as we were walking past.There were bees... which we found out later are kept by the farmers at Pinehold to assist in the pollination of their fields.
There were bunches of garlic hanging up to dry.
And a nice man named Orlando (on the right), who tapped the beer kegs for us when we arrived.
In this photo, you'll spy a ghostly apparition in the background... looking remarkably like Peef.
Oh, wait. That was Peef. :)

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