What you don't know about the Lo

Here's another pseudo-meme inspired by MTP over at Floor 22: 15 things about Lo that I think most other people wouldn't know.

  1. Lo is funnier, quirkier, and more whimsical than she may seem
  2. Lo is a blanket thief. In the middle of the night, she puts her mask on and takes all of the blankets and tucks them all around her body and refuses to give them up.
  3. Lo worries more than she should, or maybe just more than me
  4. Lo is almost always cold (probably why she likes to steal the blankets)
  5. Lo is happier staying at home than a night out
  6. Lo falls asleep after eating sugar
  7. Lo can move heavy objects like nobody I know
  8. Lo would let you rub her feet or hands for hours
  9. If stuck, Lo always finds a way out
  10. Lo can sleep longer than you
  11. Lo would rather drive. Otherwise she will be out like a light the minute you hit the highway.
  12. Lo has a collection of food magazines that go back 10 years or more
  13. Lo has a hard time sitting still
  14. Lo loves a good challenge
  15. Lo remembers EVERYTHING

Feel free to tell the world about someone you know well!


MTP said...

Great Post! I must say, it seems like Lo and Jess are very much alike!

Peef said...

I think so too. Your post about Jess had some things on there that I could have easily said about Lo!