Crazy Stuff About Peef

Here's a pseudo-meme inspired by MTP over at Floor 22 (but this time, from the female of the house).

15 things about Peef that I think most other people wouldn't know.
  1. Peef really objected to the nickname "Peef" at first.
  2. Peef hated asparagus until about 1999 when he tried it roasted.
  3. Peef did not graduate from college in 1998 as many suspected.
  4. Peef is a great deal smarter than he thinks he is.
  5. Peef will graduate from college in 2008. YAY!
  6. Peef's arms and legs shed profusely.
  7. Coincidentally, Peef's favorite word lately is hirsute.
  8. Peef sometimes avoids returning phone calls.
  9. If you try to steal the covers away from Peef at 5 am, he will get up rather than steal them back.
  10. Peef uses the words shallot, scallion, and scallop interchangeably.
  11. Peef likes to eat mustard on everything. Or at least that's how it seems.
  12. Peef is a clothes horse.
  13. Peef can be sneaky at times.
  14. Peef has the ability to buy the best Christmas presents EVER.
  15. If you hand Peef two wooden paint stir sticks in the home improvement store, he can't help but snap them together all the way to the car.
Feel free to tell the world about someone you know well!

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