Creative Ways with Bok Choy...

So, it's nearing the end of the work day for me. (Well, actually, my work day has ALREADY officially ended, but I am biding time before I leave work to go and pick up Peef --yes, we are still getting by with one car.) And so, I have begun to contemplate dinner.

The PLAN for dinner was to make stir-fry with the lovely bok choy we received from our CSA this week. As well as a lovely eggplant we harvested on Tuesday from our garden.

But, alas.
Stir-fry does NOT tantalize my intellectual taste-buds. Bok choy doesn't sound remotely appealing. Neither does eggplant.

So, I've consulted with Peef over email. He agrees. Stir-fry is a completely inappropriate dinner for this lovely evening. So, we discussed matters and have decided to make our famous fish tacos instead.

But, what of the lovely fresh-and-local bok choy? you might ask.
Well, we are going to make "bok-slaw" with it for the tacos (the equally fresh and delicious eggplant will have to keep and be used elsewise).

I'll report back to let you know if that turns out to be a GOOD thing.

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