Baby Shower Weekend

Lo's sister, Keri, is having a baby. A girl sortofa baby. In November. And her name will be Reagan. I'm not sure we've shared the news with you before now. But, it's an important detail. Especially since we're about to tell you about a baby shower.

Now, Lo has been secretly planning this baby shower for her for quite some time. However, since it was supposed to be a big surprise, we couldn't share it with you here until it had come and gone. Now is that time.

The shower was scheduled for Saturday (October 27th), and it would be held at Lo's parents brand new house. Since much preparation was needed, both Peef and Lo took off of work and they set out to Kewaskum bright and early on Friday morning. With help from Lo's mom, Peef and Lo spent the day cooking and decorating. Lo baked and frosted almost 80 cupcakes (also 93 mini cream puffs, 125 cinnamon rolls, dips, spreads, and all sorts of goodies). After the cooking was completed, the team decorated the whole house with ribbons, flowers, helium balloons, and darling little onesies. Lo's grandmother pitched in by arranging flowers. And Lo set up an "art station" with fabric paints, white burp cloths, t-shirts, and onesies for decorating.

By 10:30am on Saturday, we were ready to roll. We'd prepped everything, decorated the house, and laid out platters of fruits, vegetables, crackers, and spreads on the buffet table. Lo drove off to pick up Keri. And Paul manned the ovens, reheating the spanikopita, mini quiches, and meatballs. Guests began to arrive around 11am, and the shower went off without a hitch.
We're VERY pleased to report that everyone seemed to have a very good time, including Keri -- who also received a very nice supply of baby diapers, clothing, and other necessities (including a car seat -- which will be integral to getting little Reagan HOME after she's born!).

Thanks to EVERYONE for making this event a success! And double to those of you who had to keep it a secret!!

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Wenni Donna said...

Couple of days back my sister threw me a baby shower at one of LA venue. She prepared Tinkerbelle themed party and took ideas from her friend. Was very happy to see elegant arrangements. That was really one of my best days.