Banned Books in a Rich Tomatillo Sauce

OK -- first, a clarification.
Yes, I'm serious about celebrating Banned Books Week. Does that make me a geek? Maybe. As some of you may know, I did work at a book store for quite a number of years during my college years. And we ALWAYS celebrated banned books week. In fact, I was the bookseller whose usual charge was to gather materials for a BBW display in the store. So, that's why I devoted an entire blog entry to it. And that's why I'm going to encourage you to visit The File Room, one of the most comprehensive reviews of censorship ever put together. And check out the "Literature" section. Pretty cool. If you're that kindofa geek too.

And second, a blog posting.
For those of you who don't have a particular interest in reading banned books (though I can't really forgive you for that), I can offer you some alternative reading.

A bit of comment from Dave Eggers on Monte Python (interview with Matt Dellinger) - in honor of the broadway version of Spamalot, which is coming to Milwaukee this spring. Or maybe some modern day "Dear Abby" for the office?

We actually did a little bit of reading this weekend ourselves -- though, not a ton, as we spent a good deal of our time cooking up scads of tomatillo sauce to sock away for the winter.

For those of you turning up your noses, I have to tell you: Tomatillo sauce is a wondrous thing -- and oh-so-versatile. We love it poured over black bean enchiladas, or swaddling a potato gratin. We've been known to add it to our chili or use it as a sauce for fishes. Even my mother has been drawn in by the velvety green elixer (she likes to put it in the crockpot with pork chops and let it work its magic).

Our sauce generally starts with about 100 tomatillos -- cute little green fruits, which resemble small tomatoes, only with a protective husk on their exterior. Add to that about 10 chiles, a few onions, some garlic, and a bit of time alone with a broiler and a blender, and you have all it takes to make a vat of lovely sauce.

I meant to write an ODE to the adorable green fruit -- to post right here, for all of you to see (and make fun of). But, alas, I've run out of time. Feel free to make fun of something else I've written.

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