Tell me When.

I'm closing my eyes. And I'm not opening them back up again until it's really fall. OK?

Officially, fall fell two days ago, during the Autumnal Equinox. But, apparently, somebody didn't get the memo. The weather here in Wisconsin has gone positively berserk.

Prior to the 21st of September, we experienced some very pleasant autumn-like temperatures. Daytime highs in the 60's. Evening lows in the 40's. Explain to me, then, how this past weekend could have given us daytime highs in the mid-high 80's. And how those (hot) temps have endured straight on through the first portion of this week. Yesterday, we hit a high temp of 88ºF (last year, on the same day, our high was 66º).

Come on! That's not even fair! I'd already begun transitioning my lifestyle in a more autumnal direction. I was so excited about the advent of fall weather two weeks ago that I went and dug out my POLAR FLEECE PANTS. I put away my sandals. I took OFF my toe-nail polish and started wearing SOCKS. I pulled out my SOUP recipes. Heck, people, I made a PORK ROAST that baked in the oven for three and a half hours on Friday! (These are not things you do when it's 87ºF outside)

Gratefully, it looks like a cold front might be coming in as early as this evening. Tomorrow's forecast looks more like a balmy 64ºF. *whew* This girl, who would be thrilled to death if temperatures would never again reach levels above 74ºF, is very relieved.

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